Contaxlegal is a company focused in accounting solutions for businesses, from small entrepreneurships to large sized organizations. We offer several services regarding accounting, legal advisory, taxes advisory, human resources and salarial process.

We work closely with every of our customers, being an strategic allie in every process.

We know that every company is different than other. In Contaxlegal we adapt to every business enviroment to bring to our customers a service based on excellence, transparency, trust and confidientiality. We use the Business Intelligence as our operative base, by using several TI tools to achieve that.

We're a solid company in constant growing and technological development, always bringing a service which its main goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers.

What we do?

Accounting Advisory and Reporting:

We provide strategic information to support our customers in their business decisions. Our services are fully customizable to every company, attending all their needs in accounting and financial areas. Also, we create reports in accounting balances, business results, monthly accounting and many others. If you need more information, don’t hesitate in contact us by using the contact form below.

Taxes Advisory:

We help the businesses to planning strategies to maximize taxes benefits and to optimize the taxes charges inside the company. We review processes to detect procedures mistakes to minimize risks and to improve the company taxes management. We offer services in monthly taxes management, revenue taxes, representation of our customers at Chilean taxes administration and general taxes advisory. For more information, contact us.

Salaries and Private Role Advisory:

We offer our services as outsourcing solutions for human resources management. We're specialists in salaries advisory focusing our performance in to help our customers with matters such as: salaries book accounting, end of contract legal payments, social security payment accounting, salary bonus payments and many others. If you have a special need in this area or need more information, get in contact through the form below.

Legal Advisory:

We provide services in legal advisory for companies such as: Business creation and legal constitution, business patents, legal authorizations, contracts and related requirements with legal affairs on companies startups. Our service is oriented to act as facilitator between our clients and the legal entities in charge of regulate the businesses in Chile. Contact us for more information.

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